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Irish Dance Flooring and Portable Irish Dance Floors

Irish Dance Flooring

Harlequin Floors Australia are renowned for providing resilient and resonant flooring suitable for percussive dance styles such as Irish dancing. Originating in the West, Irish dancing has grown to become a popular style of dance celebrated across the world, including in Australia and other neighbouring countries. Enjoyed by dancers of all ages, genders and abilities, Australia has seen it’s fair share of Irish dance performances and competitions.

By investing in a professional Irish dancing flooring solution, risk of injury through repetitive strain, slips or falls will be mitigated. Dancers will have greater confidence to perform and practice knowing that the floor is designed specifically for percussive dance.

Harlequin’s Australia’s floors have been designed to meet the needs of the Irish dance community. Irish dancing is a unique and distinctive dance style often characterised by the dancer’s rigid upper body and intricate footwork.  Our dance floors absorb the shock caused by repetitive movement, reduce the impact on joints and risk of injury.

We offer a range of Irish dance flooring solutions for Australian Irish dance companies including Cascade, Standfast, Reversible Pro, Reversible and Fiesta. Each material is designed to be hard-wearing and to allow for a degree of sound projection. In addition to our dance floor products, Harlequin offer the option of stage building and installation services, where our team of specialists will work with your in-house designers to create a perfect stage for practice and performances. Contact us online or call us on +44 (0)1892 514 888 to discuss your Irish dance floor requirements with us.

The Harlequin range of Irish dance floors

An Irish dance floor from Harlequin Floors is designed and developed specifically for percussive dance. It is heavy-duty in nature to enhance its resilience to the stepdance style of Irish dancing without being damaged. By installing a professional Irish dance floor, you can be assured that the flooring solution will have a longer life-span than most alternatives.

Harlequin Irish dance floor solutions are resonant to ensure a deep, clear tone is produced when the shoe strikes the floor; a key element of what makes Irish dancing unique and distinctive from other types of dance.  Whether it’s a permanent solution or a portable Irish dance floor, we have a range of flooring materials which can accommodate all needs.

Harlequin’s expert teams in Australia travel country-wide installing Irish dance flooring in a wide range of venues, from local studios to some of the world’s most prestigious dance academies. We have previously worked with esteemed Australian organisations including the West Australian Ballet, The Australian Ballet, Australian Dance Theatre and Queensland Ballet

Harlequin Cascade
Harlequin Cascade is a suitable flooring for Irish dancing as it is the ultimate heavy-duty dance floor. Harlequin Cascade boasts a silky smooth embossed surface which is said to give ‘warmth’ to a performance but also provides excellent grip. This flooring material is favoured amongst the dance community, artistic directors and technical and stage managers alike.  Its heavy-duty, versatile nature means it is suitable for a range of dance styles including ballet, contemporary, modern, aerobics, Zumba, hip-hop, jazz, street, salsa, percussive dance including Irish dancing, concerts and operatic performances. Harlequin Cascade will retain its quality despite frequent usage and high impact.

The Irish dance flooring is manufactured from layers of homogeneous PVC and mineral fibre reinforcement with a slip-resistant dance surface. It is available in a variety of colours including grey, black, dark grey white and hazelnut, designed to blend seamlessly with any environment.

This flooring solution is highly versatile as it can be fixed permanently but can also provide a portable Irish dance flooring solution. This material can be installed by our specialist installation teams to ensure it is compliant with current regulations and standards.

Harlequin Standfast
Harlequin Standfast is a hard-wearing, durable performance floor suitable for a variety of applications including ballet, contemporary, modern, percussive  dance such as Irish dance, hip-hop, jazz, street, aerobics, Zumba, television, theatre and operatic performances.  This particular Irish dance flooring is highly recommended if a permanent Irish dancing floor is required. Joins are heat welded to ensure a continuous performance surface is provided.

Harlequin Standfast is composed of homogeneous PVC with a slip-resistant performance surface and can be installed using adhesive on any hard, smooth sub-floor including stage surfaces.

Harlequin Reversible Pro
Harlequin Reversible Pro is an advanced alternative to the Harlequin Reversible, the main difference being that Reversible Pro features a new mineral fibre interply layer which offers even more dimensional stability.

Harlequin Reversible Pro is versatile heavy-duty performance flooring suitable for a variety of applications including ballet, modern, contemporary, percussive dance such as Irish dancing, hip-hop, jazz, street, aerobics, Zumba, concerts, events & displays, exhibitions, television, theatres and operatic performances.

This Irish dance flooring is manufactured using woven mineral fibre reinforcement and a slip-resistant wear coat, developed to be a portable or permanent floor. Harlequin Reversible Pro is highly portable and easy to handle as it is quick to roll out and lays flat.

Harlequin Reversible
Harlequin Reversible is the original double-sided dance and stage floor. The heavy-duty Irish dance flooring has been manufactured from calendared vinyl with a slip-resistant performance surface on both sides.

Similar to the Harlequin Reversible Pro, this Irish dance floor is highly versatile as its suitable for a range of performance styles including ballet, contemporary, modern, percussive dance, hip-hop, jazz, street, aerobics, concerts, display, exhibitions, television, theatres and operatic performances.

This floor is available in a variety of colour choices including dark/light grey, black/white, Chroma Key green/Chroma Key blue, fog/tan, hazelnut/beige and black/projection grey, so Harlequin Reversible can represent your team colours if desired.

Harlequin Fiesta
Harlequin Fiesta has been expertly designed and developed to mimic the appearance of wood. This clever innovation meets the needs of those looking for a wood dance floor alternative without all the associated problems of maintenance.

This Irish dance flooring features an oak-strip performance surface which is suitable for a range of performance styles including aerobics, Zumba, ballroom and salsa, hip-hop, jazz, street, modern, percussive dance and theatre and opera.  This Irish dance flooring is manufactured from a stable impregnated polyester backing, oak strip effect printed film and a clear PVC performance surface thus making it ideal for percussive dance styles.

Harlequin Fiesta is as a permanent Irish dance flooring solution which can be installed by our professional installation teams, the joins welded together seamlessly to create a continuous surface.

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