Harlequin Practice Mat and Travel Bag

Harlequin Dance Practice Mat and Travel Bag

Engineered for use whilst away from the studio, The Harlequin Dance Practice Mat can help you perfect your moves without you requiring a professional dance floor for home practice.

The Harlequin 1m x 1m dance mat is available in a sleek grey that is guaranteed to stand out against most home floors, thus allowing you to clearly see where you are dancing. Specifically designed to limit damage to the limbs caused by impacting the floor, this dance practice pad is manufactured from one of our best-selling vinyl floors, Harlequin Cascade

Favoured by professional dance institutions around the world, Harlequin Cascade heavy-duty vinyl flooring is reinforced by a mineral fibre to provide optimum durability and stability for dancers. The top and bottom layers of the dance mat are made from a homogenous PVC material with a non-slip coating, with only 2mm width and 4kg weight for ease of transport.  

We also provide a perfectly sized travel bag with your Harlequin dance practice mat so that your product can be easily stored after use. Please note this dance mat product can only be laid on a hard surface for use as it will not be effective on carpeted flooring. 

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