Harlequin Reversible

Launched over four decades ago, Harlequin Reversible is the original double-sided vinyl performance floor. It is a hard-wearing yet lightweight calendared vinyl that is slip-resistant on both sides, so providing two floors in one!

Harlequin Reversible is our most versatile loose lay floor and it is extremely popular among our broad range of customers across the world. It is ideally suited to touring due to good ease of handling and portability. Special wear coats on both surfaces make it easy to maintain.

  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Specified for loose-lay installation
  • Rolls out quickly, lays flat and stays flat – ideal for touring
  • Can be laid on any hard, smooth surface
  • Available with a printed finish. You can have a completely bespoke design or select one of our standard patterns or images.