Caring for your Harlequin vinyl floor

Floor care best practice

Where possible, outdoor shoes should be removed (or overshoes put on) before walking on the vinyl floor.

For situations where this is impractical, the first line of defence is to have effective barrier mats at the entrance to the room. An effective matting will significantly reduce the amount of wet and dry soiling being carried on the underside of footwear.

The length of the matting should be at least 2 to 3 footfalls, and it should be regularly vacuumed and cleaned. Limiting foot borne contamination will make your daily maintenance regime considerably easier.

Do not use dust control mops that are impregnated with oils.

Avoid contact with sharp edges or points. Ensure that any furniture placed on the floor has feet that will not damage the floor. Take care when moving heavy objects such as stage equipment, dragging anything with sharp edges can scratch the floor. The use of spreader boards is recommended.

Do not walk on the floor in Stiletto heels, as these will damage the floor.

Harlequin recommend the use of dance shoes with non-marking soles. Marks made by other shoes can be difficult to remove.

Tap dancing in shoes with loose screws will damage any floor, inspect tap shoes carefully before use. Note that tap dancing is not recommended on some Harlequin floors, if you are unsure please see our website or contact us for more details.

Notes for touring or temporary use.

Always ensure that the Harlequin Vinyl Floor is cleaned before it is rolled up. If there is any dirt on the underside sweep it clean to prevent transfer onto the performance surface when rolling.

Ensure that all adhesive residue from the tape is removed before rolling, otherwise it may be transferred to the performance surface and cause damage. Any stubborn adhesive residue can be removed using warm soapy water and a non-abrasive scouring pad. Allow the soapy water to penetrate before using the pad. If any adhesive residue remains, dab lightly with methylated spirit and wipe off with a soft cloth.

Retain the original cardboard core, as it will be required to roll the floor after use. The cores help support the product and will prevent damage caused by bending and creasing. Use of the core will also make the rolled floor easier to handle. If the original cardboard cores are no longer available, use a PVC drainpipe with a minimum diameter of 75mm, ideally 100mm.

All Harlequin Vinyl Floors except Allegro, Studio and FreeStyle should be stored on the core horizontally, not vertically (standing on the roll end) which is likely to cause damage to the floor edge. Allegro, Studio and FreeStyle should be stored vertically to prevent compression damage to the foam backing.

If the floor is being transported to another location, retain the original packaging (box and inserts) for reuse to protect the floor in transit.

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