Harlequin Actitherm

Harlequin Actitherm is a sprung floor system specifically designed to be be installed over underfloor heating.

The panels are comprised of structural plywood topped with flooring grade plywood and are laid in a brickwork configuration to ensure consistency across the floor area.

Shock absorption and energy return are provided by dual density elastomer blocks attached to the underside of each panel.

  • Harlequin Actitherm can be finished with a choice of Harlequin vinyl, solid hardwood or engineered board.
  • Minimum floor thickness (before inclusion of chosen finish) – 43mm
  • Guaranteed for 25 years (T&Cs apply)

PLEASE NOTE: Underfloor heating should not be allowed to exceed 27°C if finished with a Harlequin vinyl floor surface or 30°C if finished with a solid hardwood or engineered board surface.

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