Queensland Ballet opens their new Talbot Theatre

26th July 2022

To celebrate the opening of their new Talbot Theatre at the Thomas Dixon Centre, the Queensland Ballet opened its doors for Bespoke.

⁠Three years in the making, this was a ‘momentous occasion’ for Queensland Ballet. This year’s Bespoke season promises an engaging mix of daring, original works that will defy ideas about what dance is, what dance can do, and how dance is experienced. ⁠

To create three new pieces of innovative storytelling for Bespoke, Australian choreographers Greg Horsman, Petros Treklis, and Stephanie Lake, collaborated using visual art and human emotion for inspiration. 

The three pieces:

– Tethered by Petros Treklis⁠

– A Rhapsody in Motion by Greg Horsman⁠

– Biography Choreographed by Stephanie Lake

Their new 351 seat theatre is fitted with a Harlequin Liberty sprung floor and Harlequin Studio performance vinyl floor.

The theatre is equipped with modern LED lighting fixtures and a state-of-the-art audio installation.

The Thomas Dixon Centre has six new studios, including a community studio, which all have a Harlequin Liberty sprung floor and Harlequin Studio vinyl floor. Their performance studio space is also fitted with Harlequin Liberty and Harlequin vinyl flooring.

Around every corner of the Thomas Dixon Centre there will be an opportunity for creativity and connection with art.

Bespoke runs until 30th July. Tickets are available here:

Photography: David Kelly⁠⁠