Prix de Lausanne 2024

8th February 2024

Congratulations to this year’s Prix de Lausanne prize winners! 

Prix de Lausanne 2024 was an exciting week of performances, classes and various coaching sessions held in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Nine talented young dancers won scholarships to train at one of the Prix’s prestigious partner schools or companies. 

Prix de Lausanne

Harlequin were proud to sponsor the Prix de Lausanne again this year, with all dancers performing on Harlequin floors.

This year’s top prize winner, one of the youngest finalists, was 15-year-old João Pedro Dos Santos Silva. He wowed the judges and audience with his Harlequinade performance. 

Martinho Lima Santos, 17, and Paloma Livellara Vidart, 18, received the second and third prize. Martinho and Paloma both train at the Académie Princess Grace, a client of Harlequin.

One of the other talented winners this year was Jenson Blight, aged 17, from Queensland Ballet Academy. Ruby Day from Queensland Ballet Academy also won the Best Young Talent Award.

Quinn Bates with his variation “Groovin'”, danced by Miguel Artur Alves Oliveira, won the Young Creation Award. The second winner of this award was Kseniya Kosava from the Palucca University of Dance Dresden. Kseniya’s variation “Under glass” was danced by Sakura Natorigawa.

As part of the Rising Stars Gala this year, Don Quixote was performed by Madison Young and Julian Mackay. Julian won the Harlequin Scholarship at the Prix de Lausanne in 2015, joining The Royal Ballet in London as their youngest member at 17. For more information, you can watch Harlequin’s video with Julian from 2023 here.

The other 2024 awards were the Best Young Talent Award, Contemporary Dance Award, 
Best Swiss Candidate Award, Audience Favourite Award, Web Audience Favourite Award and the Beaulieu Award.

Photo credit: Gregory Batardon