Harlequin at Dance Revolution

19th October 2020

Dance Revolution, a leading dance school north of Melbourne, Australia installed Harlequin dance floors in their new studios.

Owner and Director, Laura Iaconis:  “We now understand why Harlequin Floors are known for being the world leaders in dance floors – absolutely beautiful flooring to dance on.”

“When setting up the new Dance Revolution studios I wanted to provide teachers and dancers with nothing but the absolute best.”

“We installed the Harlequin Flexity sprung floor ourselves and Harlequin guided us every step of the way, which made the process easier.”

“We teach a range of styles from classical ballet to hip hop so selected different top vinyl surfaces to suit, deciding on Harlequin Cascade and Harlequin Studio vinyl for the different studios.”

“Our freelance teachers, who teach at numerous venues, always comment on how lovely the floors are at Dance Revolution. We feel safe and comfortable knowing that our dancers can enhance their performance and reduce injuries on our Harlequin sprung floor.”

“Our Harlequin floor has been installed and we are still receiving the care that was promised. It is wonderful to see such great customer service even after the completion of the job! The team at Harlequin were an absolute pleasure to deal with. Extremely professional, caring and knowledgeable.”

© Laura Iaconis

Dance Revolution