Does your event need a bespoke printed floor?

23rd September 2021

Bespoke printed vinyl performance floors

Have you ever thought of having a unique floor for your production, event or display?

Whatever design you choose, Harlequin’s printing service will add an exciting new dimension to your event floor. A printed finish is available on Harlequin Cascade, Harlequin Clarity or Harlequin Reversible Pro vinyl floors.

Harlequin Clarity

Harlequin Clarity is a durable transparent vinyl performance floor specifically designed for reverse digital printing – the printed design is on the underside of the floor and so protected from wear and damage, making it suitable for use as a dance floor or for high traffic commercial use.

Aurum, The Australian Ballet - Harlequin Clarity printed
Aurum, The Australian Ballet – Harlequin Clarity printed

“Harlequin did whatever it took to make it work. It was a great experience – a highlight of my nearly thirty years of working in this industry”

Jon Buswell | Set and lighting designer | Aurum, The Australian Ballet

Harlequin Cascade

Harlequin Cascade is the ultimate heavy-duty dance floor. Specified for loose-lay or permanent installation within dance institutions, schools and theatres. It is suitable for multi-purpose use including ballet, contemporary and percussive dance as well as concerts, exhibitions, TV and theatres.

Bolshoi - Harlequin Cascade printed
Bolshoi – Harlequin Cascade printed

Harlequin Reversible Pro

Harlequin Reversible Pro is a double-sided dance and stage floor. It is a lightweight calendared vinyl that is hard-wearing and slip-resistant on both sides. There is a mineral fibre interply layer that makes it more dimensionally stable, allowing it to relax and lay flat quickly, making it ideal for printing.

Romeo and Juliet film set - Harlequin Reversible Pro printed
Romeo and Juliet film set – Harlequin Reversible Pro printed

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