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"The surface on which we create our art." - Rafael Bonachela

'The surface on which we create our art.' - Rafael Bonachela

"We chose Harlequin floors for our studios because we had to have the best," said choreographer and Artistic Director of Sydney Dance Company, Rafael Bonachela in a newly published video interview on the Harlequin Floors website.

"We approached the purchase of the floor for our four studios with great care and consideration. The floor is a great asset for our daily working lives; it is the surface on which we make our art, so yes, we could only have the best".

Harlequin Australasia recently installed Harlequin Cascade and Harlequin Studio for the Sydney Dance Company, working over night to avoid disrupting a busy rehearsal schedule. Rafael Bonachela explained, "The technicians came and laid the floor. We came in the morning after and it was all done, to the 100% perfection we expected, flawless and like magic!"

"When someone says to me Harlequin first of all I feel relaxed, I know I can trust it and I know it's going to be a very, very professional surface and that we are going to be able to work very confidently – it’s the best we can have!"

Rafael Bonachela concluded, "The dancers love the new floor, they are enjoying dancing on it because it’s not slippery and doesn't prevent you from turning or anything like that. Also in contemporary dance there is also very rigorous floor work that we do, that’s why it’s so important we have a great floor."

Photo courtesy of Sydney Dance Company.